1. What do I need to provide in order to get started?
  - One folder on WeTransfer or Dropbox containing your master and printing files, as well as your payment.

2. What's your turnaround on cassette production?
  - Our turnaround is about 4 weeks, depending on the options.
  - Production will start after completing these 2 steps:
     1. Check your files: More information on how to submit your files is available on our page [Order Form].
     2. Order confirmation - (payment and correct files).

3. Do I need mastering from you?
  - Mastering for cassettes can elevate your project with a relatively minor investment and should definitely be considered if you take your sound seriously.
  - In collaboration with Analogcut Mastering, every track will be mastered in an analog chain, optimized for the cassette format, paying attention to each part of your mix and reducing artifacts in the tape master.

4. Length Per Side
  - It’s basically the length of the longest side of your master.
  - For instance, if your sequence of tracks has a total length of 14:30 for side A and 18:30 for side B, round up to 19 minutes for the length per side (38 minutes in total).
  - We load the cassette exactly to the length of your master with a few additional seconds of lead-in time to avoid cutoffs.

5. What is the maximum cassette length?
  - For the magnetic tape we use, the maximum cassette length can be 90 minutes (C-90) or two sides of 45 minutes each.
  - We might have some longer tape length; please contact us for details.

6. Do you offer real-time duplication?
  - Yes, but only up to 25 tapes.

7. Do I need a test-tape?
  - If you want to approve the audio quality of your cassette before mass production, you can add a test tape to your order.
  - Keep in mind that it does not include printing and packaging, and it adds another 1 to 2 weeks to your order turn time.

8. Do you have Type 2 chrome tape?
  - Yes, we do!
  - Tape type mainly depends on the music genre, which is an important factor in tape type choice.

9. How much does an audio cassette cost?
  - Cassette tape cost depends on the number of copies, magnetic tape length, as well as packaging and printing if needed.

10. **Can I order only 1 cassette?
   - Our minimum order quantity is 20 copies. However, we can produce fewer quantities, but the price of each piece will be higher. Contact us for details.

11. **How should I send my graphic files?
   - You can send your graphic files to us by WeTransfer or Dropbox to info@tapedub.com.
   - Create ONE folder with BOTH masters and graphic files, ensuring your file isn't too big. Anything over 2 GB is getting too big.
   - All artworks must be supplied as 300dpi PDF files – CMYK – 3mm bleeds (cropmarks area) - visit the [order page](link to order page).

12. Can you send me templates?
   - All the templates are available for download on our site under templates, mostly in PDF format.

13. What’s “label stickers”?
   - Printed labels are adhesive stickers affixed to the cassette body to provide information about A or B side, branding, or visual identification. They typically include text, graphics, and logos.

14. Can I see samples of your work?
   - See samples in this [gallery](link to gallery) as well as on Instagram.

15. Can you ship anywhere?
   - Yes, we ship worldwide with some exceptions.

16. Can you ship to multiple locations?
   - Yes, we are happy to do so. Please reach out to us to confirm specific shipping instructions.

17. When is Day 1 on the turn time?
   - The day AFTER we have BOTH your approved final graphics, masters, and payment receipt.

18. What if I'm in a rush with my tape production?
   - We recently reinstated rush options! Our turn time is currently 4 to 6 weeks, but if you need your album quickly, you can turn your quote into a rush order.
   - Note that rush orders are measured in business days.